Top 10 Digital Marketing Statistics for 2020

Whether you’re developing your strategy for 2020, or revising an already developed strategy due to the current market, these 10 digital marketing statistics will help inform and shape your direction. These 10 Stats are ones that every digital marketer needs to know in 2020.

digital advertising is increasingly competitive

1. Global ad spend will reach $6.5 Billion in 2020, a 4.2% increase from 2019 (Source: The Drum)

2. By 2020, businesses will spend $110 billion on digital advertising in the US. This means that businesses will spend more on digital advertising in the US in 2020 than on TV and print ads combined. (Source: eMarketer).

3. The average cost per action (CPA) is $49 for paid search and $75 for display ads. These numbers help illustrate how competitive digital advertising can be for many industries.  (Source: WordStream).

social media in the billions

4. Global social media ad spend reached $84 billion in 2019, marking the first year that social media spend outperformed print ad spend (Source: Zenith Media).

5. In 2019, US LinkedIn ad spend reached $1.02 billion. This is a 40% growth in ad spend since 2016. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a preferred advertising channel for B2B marketers (Source: eMarketer).

6. In 2019, US Facebook ad spend reached $25.56 billion. This represents a 107% increase from 2016. Facebook has weathered it’s share of controversy and is still going strong. (Source: eMarketer).

Facebook Net Revenues

omnichannel delivers stronger results

7.  Omnichannel campaigns saw an 18.96% engagement rate, while single-channel saw only a 5.4% engagement rate. Consumers own more devices and bounce between channels during the purchasing process. Marketers need to keep this in mind as they develop their campaigns (Source: ClickZ).

8. Omnichannel campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than do single-channel campaigns. (Source: ClickZ).

9. Customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel campaigns than for single-channel campaigns. Customers are more loyal to brands that engage with them across channels (Source: ClickZ).

10. 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. Now that’s a case for personalization. (Source: Instapage).

Embrace Social Media During Social Distancing

During this Coronavirus pandemic, it’s become difficult to connect with customers in-person. Nearly 10 states have closed bars, restaurants and gyms. Schools are closed in 33 states with more closing them by the day and that presents a new opportunity for engaging with your customers. People who are usually at work are at home with their kids, families and loved ones. Now is the time to engage social media at it’s finest.

Embrace Facebook And It’s Tools

If your business is new to Facebook, now is a time to set up a business Facebook page. Here’s a link on “How to Set Up a Business Facebook page.

This is a FREE service from Facebook. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook has a built-in scheduling tool, “Publishing Tools”, that allows you to write posts and schedule them to publish at a future date and time saving you time and energy. For example, you can develop all your content on Sunday and schedule it for the entire week to post M-F. Set it and forget it; let Facebook do the work.


There are a host of other free social media tools to publish content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and the like. One of our favorite here at Dekaf Digital is HootSuite. HootSuite’s Free Plan allows you to manage up to 3 social profiles, schedule up to 30 posts and connect social apps as well. We use HootSuite to manage several social media profiles and find it to be very easy to use and schedule conent.

However, there are a lot of other tools. Some of them include Buffer which offers a free version although there are restrictions on the free version. Agora Pulse offers a free 28-day trial and is a robust tool for social media publishing. It’s a bit pricey after the free trial but allows for sharing calendars with more than one person as well so it’s more than just a social media publishing tool.

Finally, we have eClincher. This is a savvy social media management tool and it’s packed with some great features. It allows you to connect all your social accounts in one place, including publishing and scheduling content. However, it also comes with a social inbox feature so you’ll be able to manage all the live conversations of your social media accounts. They offer a free trial and then you have to pay for the service.

Linked Is best for B2B companies

If your business targets other businesses as it’s customers, you want to focus your energies on LinkedIn.  First things first, leverage your company by building a Company LinkedIn Page. Here’s a link on How To Build a LinkedIn Page.

Once you have your page up and running, you want to post regularly (once/day) to keep in regular contact with your customers. Many businesspeople will be working from home and checking their LinkedIn pages more frequently than usual. Now is a good time to reach them. Leverage the social media publishing tools we suggested above to plan, schedule and publish content on a regular basis.

What to do if this is all new

If social media for your business is new to you, don’t go it alone. This is a representation of your brand and you can’t “set it and forget it” or “test the waters” and think there won’t be any harm. You need to have a strategy that aligns with your brand, brand voice and reaches your customers in an appropriate way, on the right social networks. If you need help, reach out to us or an equally qualified social media management agency. We’re here to help in this time of need and are happy to set up a strategy and let you implement it or mange it all for you. Let’s collaborate.

7 Social Media Ideas to Attract More Followers

How do so many brands post witty, yet professional tweets? Where do they come up with all those creative Facebook posts? If you’ve tried creating your own social media content, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. Attracting a larger social media following is a foolproof way of strengthening your brand awareness and credibility. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with our 7 social media content ideas to attract more followers.

Rather than typing it out as a text post, try using a free online tool to make an eye-catching graphic. We’d recommend using this tool.

Polls encourage engagement and can give you a better idea of your customers’ needs. For example, we recently asked our Facebook followers which they found more valuable, SEO or Social Media. (Social media was the winner).

Not only will this show your appreciation for your customer/client, but it will also strengthen the integrity of your business. Here’s an example of what one can look like when done creatively using PowerPoint.

Navigate to this handy calendar and pick a daily holiday to celebrate. Consider running some sort of promotion to go with the holiday, such as offering customers a free cupcake on National Cupcake Day. Don’t forget to use hashtags to grow impressions.

As with #1, share it as a photo to draw more attention to your post. You can find daily motivational quotes by searching Google or on

Offer an incentive to people who subscribe to your email list or refer business to you. Did you recently upload a new blog to your website? Promote it on your social networks. Share a link to your site along with a friendly caption.

Did you just hire a new employee? Do you have an Instagram-worthy office? Showing customers a peek behind the scenes adds a personal touch to your business and communicates authenticity.

Inside the Top 4 Social Media Networks

It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of social media these days. Twitter changing its character limits. LinkedIn adding profile background images. And don’t get me started on the different image sizes for each network. You need a full-time graphic designer to have a profile on each one now. Here we dive into the Top 4 Social Media Networks – and we’re giving you the Image Sizes too.

Image Sizes:

Profile photo: 170×170 | Cover Photo: 820×312 | Shared Images: 1200×630

Great network for friends and family as well as updates on products and services. If you’ve noticed in your own feed, this network has learned the “ins and outs” of advertising. There are ads for everything from pants to pills, contractors to resume writers. If you’re looking to advertise, Facebook has a product. However, the ads here are expensive. Start out with a free profile and use their analytics to learn from it. Determine the right day and time to advertise, who your ideal audience is and then wait for a free $5-$20 promo credit from them to try out their platform.

Image Sizes:

Profile photo: 400×400 | Header Image: 1500×500 | Photo Size: 1024×512

Similar to Facebook, there are lots of ways to target on Twitter. They use Promoted Tweets to advertise your account and you can target based on geography, gender, device, interests and more. However, if you’re looking to drive traffic to site or get a sale, this won’t do it. This will primarily build your Twitter account. We recommend using Twitter organically and using their analytics platform to build your account until such time that you need a large following to do a promoted sale or the like.

Image Sizes:

Profile photo: 165×165 | Thumbnail (sm): 69×69 | Thumbnail (lg): 216×146
Pin Sizes: 600×900

Do you sell clothing? Cars? Jewelry? Pinterest and promoted pins are ideal for you. Post those and the clicks will drive the customers you want. To make the most of your Pinning experience, pin at the best time of day so your pins get engagement right away. Save to the most relevant board first. Be sure your board names and descriptions are keyword optimized and write strong keyworded pin descriptions. Finally, spread your Pinning throughout the day.

Image Sizes:
Profile photo: 400×400 | Background photo: 1584×396 | Shared photo(desktop): 1200×1200 | Shared photo (mobile): 1200×628

If you sell a service to professionals, such as resume-writing or sales services, or you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn is ideal for you. LinkedIn is a great network to begin organically and post daily then wait until they offer you the free $50 promo and test what the paid promotion does for your account. Ensure your LinkedIn posts are relevant, have photos and solid content, approx. 250-400 words in length. Also, tag fellow authors and any news publications who you share.

5 Ways to Gain Customers Using Digital Marketing

Every business wants more customers, right? I know we do and we’re a marketing business! The latest trend, and by latest I mean at least a decade old, is digital marketing. How do you leverage digital marketing to gain customers? Where do you spend your dollars and how? Here are 5 ways to gain customers by investing in digital marketing.

Building your own list of customers, and then nurturing it, is the best and highest return on your marketing dollars. You can do this easily by adding a “Join our Mailing List” page or pop-up on your website. You can also have a banner on the site that prompts folks to join your email list. This list can be used to market to and to gain additional customers via referral. What do you do with the names on your list? That brings me to #2.

Put your list to use with email marketing. A well-crafted email strategy will prove is worth its’ weight in gold. Highly personalized and targeted emails will net some of the highest open rates and click through rates (CTR). Plan your email campaigns around segments. Did someone sign up to receive information on picture frames but your email is about jewelry? Segment your audience so the email is customized to what they want and include a promotional offer to get the best response. This will increase your CTR and purchase rate which equals more customers.

3. SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when a listing appears organically/naturally in Google. It’s the listings that appear below the Google paid ads and you want that to be you because it’s free, technically. SEO is an investment of time and resources and takes significant effort to maintain however, it’s the best listing you can have, and maintain. Invest in a solid SEO strategy to get this listing for your Top 3-7 keywords. This way when a user searches for your product in Google, your company will be in the first page of results naturally.

We all know Google has ads that pop up when we search something. These are pay per click (PPC) ads. Google ads will drive highly relevant traffic to your site that you pay for. This traffic is based on the keyword, or search term, the user enters into Google. While it’s easy to see how this gives you more traffic, you need to ensure you have a well-organized site to convert the traffic into more customers. If you have a clear call-to-action (CTA) such as a form to complete, call a rep or product to purchase, then it’s wise to invest in Google Ads.

Knowing which social networks to participate in is part of the battle. More than 70% of companies will participate on Facebook and Twitter. For those companies that have a visual product (retailers, cars, etc.), Pinterest makes sense. If you market services to professionals or other businesses, LinkedIn is a good option as well. For those where videos are relevant such as home improvement retailers, we recommend YouTube be part of your strategy. Start out with posting daily on all the networks and then review your analytics to determine the best time of day to post.