4 Reasons Why SEO Is A Must For Every Business

With more American’s learning how to adapt to our new normal much of their customer journey begins virtually. 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product (Think with Google). This is why first impressions are everything even in the virtual space. First impressions are a mix of what customers think of you but first, they must find you.  This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” but for the sake of easy understanding let’s say it stands for “seek everything online”.

Okay before you go any further, we know what you’re thinking. We’re a digital marketing agency, so of course, we’re pushing SEO. Fair, however, besides our significant experience, we rely on research. Here are 4 reasons why SEO is a must for every business:

1. Extensive Consumer Reach

Just think about how many times per day you use the internet to find or learn about a product and/or service. In fact, in January claims there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, roughly 59.5 % of the global population.

Yet, if there’s anything that internet users hate the most, it’s not being able to access what they want, when they want it. SEO is the answer.

Remember above when we said to think of SEO standing for seek everything online? Yes, this is where it comes into play. SEO connects with people all over the world because people are constantly seeking information, connection, products, and services online. I mean, they do call it the world wide web for a reason.  There’s no doubt that people are looking near and far for services and people to work with and SEO is that bridge through search. It’s just that simple.

2. Sustainability

An investment is purchased with the hope that it will generate value at some point in the future. This is exactly the philosophy around SEO.

With changing needs by consumers and newly developed resources, the only way to have sustainable marketing is to have flexible marketing. Even so, while there’s no sign that people will shift from connecting virtually, SEO has proven it can be agile across any market conditions and consumer preferences.

SEO is sustainable because it can be continuously improved and updated in real-time. That way you’re staying visible to customers while making the most of your investment.

3. Leverage Existing Platforms

There’s an assumption that SEO is a standalone digital marketing tactic. Not the case. A good SEO strategy complements all other digital marketing tactics. Raise your hand if you’re ready to work smarter not harder!

We’ve seen this firsthand with our clients. At Dekaf Digital, through connecting SEO campaigns and blogs, we’ve achieved the first page of Google results within 90-days and increased their site content by 50% within 120 days.

If your business is still considering if SEO is right for you, leveraging your existing platforms is just the start to launching SEO. According to, “Social media provides opportunities in content marketing and link building efforts that will help boost your organic rankings.” Who would’ve thought you’ve already gained some momentum from your existing platform that can be utilized!

4. Budget-Friendly

Before people really understand SEO, it’s hard for them to believe that such an impactful marketing tactic can be so cost-effective.

While some tech-savvy companies like Twitter and Salesforce spend upwards of 30% of their revenues on marketing, a good rule of thumb is 10% of annual company revenues should be spent on marketing. Don’t be fooled into thinking large budgets are the end all be all. SEO is great because it targets users who are specifically searching for your products or services. So, you’re spending money on what makes the most sense to your business. This results in more qualified traffic and shortens the conversion cycle, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business. When you leverage the efforts around existing platforms, you can achieve improved outcomes for less money and more powerful insights to help guide your future search marketing efforts.

Let’s Go SEO!

SEO is a must for every business because it allows you to evolve right along with your customers. It’s been tested and proven over the years delivering increased traffic, brand awareness, and conversions for businesses. On top of that, it’s a fun way to connect with your customers and like-minded industry leaders. Matt Cutts, a former Google employee within the Search Quality Group said this quote “SEO is like a resume. You polish it so you have your best foot forward.” SEO is a must for any company wanting to put its best foot forward.

Up Your Marketing Game In The Next 60 Days

Do you remember the days when going to trade shows, conferences, listening sessions, or maybe even trainings happened in-person? Yes, these were all ways to connect with like-minded individuals in our industries, and in full transparency, it was a nice break from sitting in the office. These were times that allowed us to get away from our daily routine while still bringing value to our organizations. The desire for this type of engagement and learning hasn’t changed one bit. According to a survey documented in Human Resources Today, 68% of employees believe training and development is the most important policy in their organization.

However, we all know that much of that has changed over the past 12 -18 months. So, what do all great marketers do? Let’s say it together – we adapt! 🤩 With these opportunities being revamped to become more digitally focused (no pun intended) it still gives all of us the best of both worlds.

If you’ve ever been on the fence about attending a conference, there’s never been a better time to look around. Here are 10 key virtual events within the next 60 days….here’s hoping next year we’ll be giving you a list of in-person events to attend. Can you say bye-bye COVID and hello vaccine? Btw, to register for any of these, simply click the name and it will connect you to the conference site.

1. Digital Marketing World Forum March 24th – 25th

This conference is as powerful as it sounds. This 2-day conference prides itself on its global brand speaker line-up while using the latest examples & case studies within the dedicated conference tracks. This also is free to attend and will be exclusively for the community of senior marketing professionals within America and surrounding regions! It’s coming soon so if you’re interested sign up!

2. Digital Summit At Home: Small & Med Biz March 29th– 31st

Sometimes you need support tailored not only to your business needs but your business size. Well, here it is! Focusing on developing tactics specific to small-to-medium-sized businesses this conference is designed to help you thrive in a new era of marketing and customer engagement.

3. Email Marketing Virtual Expo April 10th

Email Marketing Expo full of actionable advice around email marketing to help you continue to learn how to maximize your revenue with email marketing.

4. AMA Experience Design: Virtual Conference April 13th – 15th

The American Marketing Association is an organization that provides individual and corporate marketing development with top companies and leaders within the industry. Their Experience and Design Conference is no different. With key sponsors like Lucidpress and Vyond, you’ll explore new methods to best serve your customers and improve customer-employee interactions. And the best part of it all is that it’s completely free. #Savings

5. C3: Be a Part of the Search Evolution April 20th – 21st

With sessions covering accelerating demand and organic marketing maturity, this conference is website is all the SEO evolution and energy you need.

6. Adobe Summit Digital Experience Conference April 27th – 29th

If you’ve been in marketing, or know someone in the industry, Adobe speaks for itself. It’s a brand with a suite of products to support work such as content, graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures and print. This conference reflects just that! Providing a well-rounded experience that allows you to learn analytics, marketing automation and listen to key speakers from around the globe!

7. Content Marketing Conference April 27th – 29th

Advance your content through mastering your existing content. This conference is creating a digital experience that will fortify your smartitude with mastery of the six pillars of content marketing.

8. Social Media Week May 4th – 7th

Social Media Week New York (#SMWNYC) is a worldwide event that brings together global leaders, social media practitioners, and digital marketers for a multi-day virtual event that serves as the central meeting point for the entire social media marketing industry.

9. Social Media Strategies May 12th – 13th

This conference is specifically designed for those within the public agency or government sector. Pretty neat if you ask us. A key approach in this conference is how can you leverage social media to humanize your agency and engage your communities.

10. Interact21 May 17th – 19th

Social media, strategy, behavioral design, and email analytics are the key areas that are covered during Interact21. This conference brings a modern and engaging twist that will keep you asking for more.

Attending a Conference OutsideSo, after looking at this list, you’re probably just as energized as us, right?! Awesome. 👏  These opportunities are designed to spark that creative component inside us to birth new ideas, tap into new skills and meet new people to elevate our brand and our work to the next level! With warmer weather upon us, register for a conference, set up shop on your patio table, and grab a notebook as you dive into a new experience!

SEO Content Development Drives First-Page Google Ranking – Case Study


SEO Content Development Drives First-Page Google Ranking

How SEO content development drives first-page Google ranking? This case study outlines how our team used SEO content, link building and content development to reach first-page Google ranking for our client, OLEO. The start-up came to us to launch its new LED lighting product designed to provide lighting year-round on residential properties. They were new to the market and had no brand awareness. We tackled the challenge head-on with SEO.

Our Insights

Customers decorate their house once a year for the holidays but what if they could keep those lights up year-round for a fraction of the cost and light up their house for special occasions, the Fourth of July and more holidays? That’s what our customer tackled us with selling. Our task? Educate a new market and land customer appointments.

The Solution: Content and SEO

Our strategy was to invest in building their website with keyword-rich blogs that we then shared on their social media channels. In addition, we selected fifteen specific keywords to focus on to build their brand including link building, content, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. We focused on the Google algorithm and built on our knowledge of how it worked to gain powerful results.

First-Page Google Results

Thanks to the connection between our SEO campaign and blogs, we achieved first-page Google results within 90 days and increased its site content by 50% within 120 days.