4 Reasons Why SEO Is A Must For Every Business

With more American’s learning how to adapt to our new normal much of their customer journey begins virtually. 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product (Think with Google). This is why first impressions are everything even in the virtual space. First impressions are a mix of what customers think of you but first, they must find you.  This is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” but for the sake of easy understanding let’s say it stands for “seek everything online”.

Okay before you go any further, we know what you’re thinking. We’re a digital marketing agency, so of course, we’re pushing SEO. Fair, however, besides our significant experience, we rely on research. Here are 4 reasons why SEO is a must for every business:

1. Extensive Consumer Reach

Just think about how many times per day you use the internet to find or learn about a product and/or service. In fact, in January claims there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, roughly 59.5 % of the global population.

Yet, if there’s anything that internet users hate the most, it’s not being able to access what they want, when they want it. SEO is the answer.

Remember above when we said to think of SEO standing for seek everything online? Yes, this is where it comes into play. SEO connects with people all over the world because people are constantly seeking information, connection, products, and services online. I mean, they do call it the world wide web for a reason.  There’s no doubt that people are looking near and far for services and people to work with and SEO is that bridge through search. It’s just that simple.

2. Sustainability

An investment is purchased with the hope that it will generate value at some point in the future. This is exactly the philosophy around SEO.

With changing needs by consumers and newly developed resources, the only way to have sustainable marketing is to have flexible marketing. Even so, while there’s no sign that people will shift from connecting virtually, SEO has proven it can be agile across any market conditions and consumer preferences.

SEO is sustainable because it can be continuously improved and updated in real-time. That way you’re staying visible to customers while making the most of your investment.

3. Leverage Existing Platforms

There’s an assumption that SEO is a standalone digital marketing tactic. Not the case. A good SEO strategy complements all other digital marketing tactics. Raise your hand if you’re ready to work smarter not harder!

We’ve seen this firsthand with our clients. At Dekaf Digital, through connecting SEO campaigns and blogs, we’ve achieved the first page of Google results within 90-days and increased their site content by 50% within 120 days.

If your business is still considering if SEO is right for you, leveraging your existing platforms is just the start to launching SEO. According to, “Social media provides opportunities in content marketing and link building efforts that will help boost your organic rankings.” Who would’ve thought you’ve already gained some momentum from your existing platform that can be utilized!

4. Budget-Friendly

Before people really understand SEO, it’s hard for them to believe that such an impactful marketing tactic can be so cost-effective.

While some tech-savvy companies like Twitter and Salesforce spend upwards of 30% of their revenues on marketing, a good rule of thumb is 10% of annual company revenues should be spent on marketing. Don’t be fooled into thinking large budgets are the end all be all. SEO is great because it targets users who are specifically searching for your products or services. So, you’re spending money on what makes the most sense to your business. This results in more qualified traffic and shortens the conversion cycle, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business. When you leverage the efforts around existing platforms, you can achieve improved outcomes for less money and more powerful insights to help guide your future search marketing efforts.

Let’s Go SEO!

SEO is a must for every business because it allows you to evolve right along with your customers. It’s been tested and proven over the years delivering increased traffic, brand awareness, and conversions for businesses. On top of that, it’s a fun way to connect with your customers and like-minded industry leaders. Matt Cutts, a former Google employee within the Search Quality Group said this quote “SEO is like a resume. You polish it so you have your best foot forward.” SEO is a must for any company wanting to put its best foot forward.

SEO Content Development Drives First-Page Google Ranking – Case Study


SEO Content Development Drives First-Page Google Ranking

How SEO content development drives first-page Google ranking? This case study outlines how our team used SEO content, link building and content development to reach first-page Google ranking for our client, OLEO. The start-up came to us to launch its new LED lighting product designed to provide lighting year-round on residential properties. They were new to the market and had no brand awareness. We tackled the challenge head-on with SEO.

Our Insights

Customers decorate their house once a year for the holidays but what if they could keep those lights up year-round for a fraction of the cost and light up their house for special occasions, the Fourth of July and more holidays? That’s what our customer tackled us with selling. Our task? Educate a new market and land customer appointments.

The Solution: Content and SEO

Our strategy was to invest in building their website with keyword-rich blogs that we then shared on their social media channels. In addition, we selected fifteen specific keywords to focus on to build their brand including link building, content, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. We focused on the Google algorithm and built on our knowledge of how it worked to gain powerful results.

First-Page Google Results

Thanks to the connection between our SEO campaign and blogs, we achieved first-page Google results within 90 days and increased its site content by 50% within 120 days.

5 Tips for Hiring an SEO Agency


Hiring an SEO Agency

With people on the internet now more than ever, it is essential that your business has a strong digital presence. To do this, you must have a powerful digital marketing strategy that propels your search engine visibility to the top of search results and helps your business reach its goals.

If you aren’t already a digital marketing expert, it’s in the best interest of your company to invest in hiring an SEO agency to ensure your business is maximizing the benefits of search engine optimization. Hiring an SEO agency for your brand can lead to long-term success for your company if you do it right. Read on for our curated list of what to look for when hiring an SEO company:

Look for an agency with proven results – you don’t want to be their first client.

  • This is an easy one, ask for references of previous clients or ask for results of their work. Most agencies take work on word of mouth and don’t rank for “SEO Agency in Indianapolis” for example. Why? Because they’re too busy optimizing client sites to take care of their own.

To find a stellar SEO agency, look within your professional network for referrals via word of mouth.

SEO is not magic, avoid anyone who speaks about it as such. It is a science but it can be explained.

  • Anyone who maintains they have insight into Google’s algorithms or talks about the mystique of SEO is likely pulling your leg. Instead, good SEO requires a deep understanding of how search engines work, attention to detail and constant modifications since Google’s algorithms change almost weekly.
  • Additionally, keyword stuffing and buying links can demote your website. This is referred to as Black Hat SEO because they violate search engines’ rules. Once discovered by Google’s bots, they’ll demote your site in their rankings, which will decrease your organic traffic. Avoid anyone who does this at all costs.

Be clear and specific about your goals with your SEO agency.

  • Avoid hiring an agency to simply increase organic traffic. You should outline exactly what you’re looking to accomplish with SEO. For example, are you looking to drive new sales leads in a specific geographic region? Are you looking to boost product sales by ranking for certain keywords? Are you struggling to reduce your site’s bounce rate or increase conversion rate? Are you looking for help building a social media following, creating sponsored content or other services that go hand-in-hand with SEO? Always be clear in what your goals are for SEO services.

Find an SEO agency with metrics that work for you/your business.

  • Once you’ve outlined your goals and narrowed down your options to a few companies, that you’ve likely found by word of mouth, it’s time to make sure that you and the company you choose to work with have a clear method of charting your progress. What is the end goal of ranking for specific keywords? Essentially, set up agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A few example KPIs for SEO include organic sessions, domain authority, keyword ranking, Google crawling mistakes, and page load time.

Choose an agency that communicates well.

  • SEO Agencies use several tools to measure KPIs – SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Moz – most likely, this is all behind the scenes and more than you want to look at, to be frank. Your agency needs to provide you with regular reporting in a format that works for you and also communicate with you in a way that builds trust. They should be responsive in nature.

Keep in mind that SEO is a process and you will likely be working with this agency for years to come. Even if you only plan to work with an outside agency for the interim, meeting your organic search goals takes time, patience and a strong working relationship.

Overall, SEO is crucial to your business. Choosing the right SEO firm is, as well. Today, approximately 90 percent of users only look at results on Google’s first page. This means that finding an SEO agency that works for you has the potential to transform your business.

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5 Digital Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus

It will get better. Stay positive.

For many businesses things have become very difficult right now. If you’re one of the few businesses thriving, good for you. If not, know that it will get better. As the United States Surgeon General said on Monday, “Things are going to get worse before they get better.”

That doesn’t mean they won’t get better but it does mean we need to stick together to weather the storm. 

learn from history and invest in your business

We’ve been through difficult times before, from the 2008 financial crisis to the Great Depression. Take the lessons from those times that companies have learned and invest in your business. Here are 4 of those lessons:

  1. Innovation counts—Successful businesses offer new products and services often and quickly adopt new technology.
  2. Get help—Networking, hiring consultants and setting up an advisory board are ways successful businesses get external advice.
  3. Map it out—Developing a strategic marketing plan with specific targets will help to keep your business on track even as economic conditions change.
  4. Master financial management—Keeping tabs on your finances allows you to plan better, see trouble brewing and react quickly.

Harvard Business Review study of 4,500+  companies analyzed three years before, during and after recessions identified the percentage of companies that outperformed their rivals: 21% for businesses that opted for a prevention focus (more cost-cutting) and 37% for a more progressive focus. The study found that “firms that cut costs faster and deeper than rivals don’t necessarily flourish. They have the lowest profitability (21%) of pulling ahead of the competition when times get better.”

In another report, done by Bain, it was found that getting it right during the lean years has a marked impact on a company’s growth rate after the economy improves.

5 Digital marketing ideas during the coronavirus

connect with customers on social media

Whether you’re new to social media or your company is a pro at it, now is THE time to engage your customers on social media. With the majority of the American workforce, and even global workforce, working from home they’re spending more time on social networks than ever before and have a greater possibility of connecting with, and buying from, your company.

For tips on connecting with your customers on social media during this pandemic, read our blog on Embracing Social Media During Social Distancing”. For those of you doing good deeds, giving back to the community, offering free food to truckers, sewing masks for healthcare workers, giving small businesses discounts, promote those good deeds on social media. 

ensure you can be found online

It likely comes as no surprise that Google search traffic has increased significantly over the past week and a half and will continue to climb as we comply with the shelter-at-home and social distancing guidelines. We’re all online, be it on our smartphones, computers or tablets – looking for updates on the news – or looking to get away from the news and find ways to pass the time. For many, that includes shopping online.

Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before. This is not the time to be hidden online. You should be using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to climb to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) so your business can be easily found. This is not a time for a business to go become a turtle, disappearing into a shell and poking it’s head out once this crisis has passed.

Google Ads (PPC) are a good move now

Google ads or pay-per-click (PPC) is a great strategy right now as, according to the Washington Post report yesterday, users are seeing screen times increase by as much as 185% on a weekly basis.  

In addition, a report last week showed that the  cost-per-click (CPC) is down nearly 6.5% across most verticals which reduces the  amount of money you for every ad click. 

Local seo is more relevant than ever

With people staying close to home, it’s essential that they can find nearby businesses for services and supplies in the rare instances when they do leave home.  That’s where Local SEO strategies come in to play.

You want to make sure your business is using Local SEO to optimize your website for “near me” searches. You want customers in your geo region (e.g. Naperville, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Bucktown, Aurora, CO, etc.) to be able to easily find you online so they turn to you first. At a time when we’re all looking for more convenience, this gives your business a chance to provide assistance during this critical time.

get creative with your offerings

If you’re on of the many businesses that’s had to close it’s doors to the public, try to be creative with servicing your customers. For a gym, launch online classes via Zoom. For dental offices, launch an online billing payment portal to process payments and offer to do urgent consults via the web. Are you a therapist and can’t see clients? Offer phone therapy sessions. Do you run a restaurant? Offer free delivery or curbside pick up – even Burger King is now offering free delivery as of last night. 

Now is the time to tap into your creative juices and get them flowing. Just yesterday someone in our office received a message from their shoe cobbler saying they were offering free drop off and pick up so they could continue to do shoe repair.